Top Seller Earns $38,000 a Month, Reveals Her Secret to Fiverr

Top Seller Earns ,000 a Month, Reveals Her Secret to Fiverr

Charmain Pocek has gone from $5 per concert to $38,000 per month and advises Fiverr to be patient and provide excellent customer service. I was very inspired to read Charmaine’s story last year and this particular story is now my own reference point for working on Fiverr.

I left my job two years ago to work as a freelance content writer. The truth is, I had no clients at the time and few ideas about the industry itself.

However, I was very lucky with the timing, which seemed to coincide with an explosive period for both freelancers and my favorite platform – Fiverr.

Charmaine Pocek and the “Secret to Fiverr”

In case you didn’t know it, Fiverr is a market where small businesses can rent professional services at low prices. At the beginning, I was working on Fiverr for $5 per concert but in the following two years, these prices were increased so that independents could raise their rates. In short, what was once a fun or innovative website has become a market for professional businesses.


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Anyway, Fiverr is really taking off lately and it reminded me of an article that appeared on Forbes last year. The article talked about one of Fiverr’s best sellers, Charmaine Pocek, who went from $5 per concert to $38,000 per month. I was also pleased to hear what she said was her secret to Fiverr.

Secret to Fiverr

When Charmaine started using Fiverr, she was working as a recruiter and saving for adoption. She was writing $5 resumes and was intrigued by her first sales.

At first it was difficult, but Charmaine slowly increased her sales. Then she expanded into other areas, such as career counseling and cover letters. Charmaine also took parallel courses to justify the prices she was charging.

Two years later, Charmaine Pocek was earning $15,000 a month. The following year, Charmaine was earning more than $100,000 a year. By 2015, that figure was $320,000!

And the Secret to Fiverr?

Charmain loves the freedom that comes with working on Fiverr and attributes her tremendous success to the excellent customer service she provides. It’s true, Fiverr’s secret requires absolutely no special skill or talent!

If you’re like me, you can only dream of this kind of figures for now. But at the same time, I totally agree with Charmaine, because my own success on Fiverr is mainly due to my constant concern to provide an excellent customer service experience.