How to make money on Fiverr: Presentation and tips to offer your services

How to make money on Fiverr: Presentation and tips to offer your services

Today on the web, Internet users have the opportunity to earn a living, or at least, manage to round off their month-end thanks to numerous services offered to popular companies or brands.

Among these online job distributors, Fiverr is considered as a marketplace for so-called “odd jobs” and various services whatever your sector of activity.

Here’s how to offer your services effectively and make money with Fiverr.

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Introduction to Fiverr

Since its existence, Fiverr is becoming more and more known on the web. This platform currently offers more than 1.9 million odd jobs and more than 4000 services in 120 different categories!

The principle is very simple. The objective of the site is to put people who offer services in touch with others who need these services.

Fiverr accompanies you in the development of your services as a freelancer. The basic services are delivered at 5$, but there are the “extra gigs*” with a different rate.

*Gigs are the services offered.

It is important to know that apart from the basic services, the prices on Fiverr vary between 10$ and 100$ for half of the gigs. This can be explained by the increase in sales of the “Premium Gigs” with a gain of $500 per gig.

Fiverr may not be the place to make your revenues explode, however, you have to admit that it is a revolutionary, practical and efficient way to make money if you have skills in a specific field.

On Fiverr, services are presented as “gigs”. What is interesting is to discover creative and unusual gigs offered by vendors from all over the world. Believe me, there is everything to surprise you…

Most of them concern graphic design, presentation of your company, development of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, presentation of new brands and products, fun videos, translation and writing services.

If you have imagination, you will undoubtedly have the advantage of making original creations. For example, by making videos in an unusual location, or presenting your company name in a way that is out of the ordinary.

What’s nice is that on Fiverr, everyone can do it and offer their own service.

Steps to earn money on Fiverr

To register on Fiverr and start earning money, simply :

  1. Find the gig/service you are going to offer
  2. Register on the website
  3. Write a qualitative description of your service in a video or simple publication
  4. Waiting for people to contact you and order your services
  5. Start generating your revenue

It is not forbidden to look at what other sellers suggest in their publications to inspire you, and write a catchy and perfect description that will help you make more money.

On Fiverr, the gigs are sorted between the most popular and the most sold. Some indications are provided on all types of services requested. This also allows you to have ideas about what you are going to do.

To be efficient and collect contacts often, you must first choose the right photo to present your gig. Then, remember to describe your gig in detail and with the right information, using keywords and tags that match.

If you want to make a difference, making a promotional video presenting you is very effective!

Prices and commissions on Fiverr

Registration is free on the website.

In return, the platform takes 20% of your earnings. For example, if you make a sale of gigs at $5, Fiverr will collect $1 while you get the $4 from your account.

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Another option is to use your service to purchase other services from Fiverr members. This allows you to reinvest your earnings to purchase the services you need.

You can also withdraw your money via your Paypal account. Be careful because a percentage is also taken from your money when you withdraw it.

The earnings you can expect on Fiverr

To get off to a good start at Fiverr, it is important to bet on the $5 gigs and gradually build your business on a good foundation. Without notice, it will be complicated to offer higher services.

It is therefore important to start by building a certain reputation on the site and of course, to see if people are interested in your gig.

At your first step on Fiverr, you will be granted the title of new member “Level 1 seller” after validation of 10 gigs, and after 30 days have passed.

A little later, after this period, you will be able to pay a higher gig rate.

If your question revolves around how much you can earn in a month, no ceiling is set in relation to the income you can make, it depends on 2 criteria:

  • The number of requests for your service
  • Your own motivation

Many Fiverr registrants, no matter how talented they are, pocket a huge amount of money and hire others to do their work.

This type of small job most often focuses on logo design, copywriting, blog creation, dropshipping and creative writing. There are online job guides available if you would like to approach other companies that might recognize your talents and skills in any field.

By devoting more time and effort to Fiverr, it is quite possible to earn significant amounts of money, even a fortune! Today, many people do it to make ends meet.

So, are you ready to get started on Fiverr? Who knows, you might be the new best salesperson of the year.