Fiverr: A must to earn money? (My opinion)

Fiverr: A must to earn money? (My opinion)

Do you have a passion, talent, knowledge or expertise? Are you considering freelance work? What about Fiverr? An internationally renowned site that will allow you to earn money by offering your services in many fields.

But before we talk about Fiverr, let’s talk briefly about SuperMoney. If you want to round out your ends of the month or build up additional income then this blog is exactly what you need! Why should I do it? Simply because it brings together all the GOOD opportunities to generate income on the internet.

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Presentation of the Fiverr website

Fiverr is an American site of micro-services that brings together individuals who want to sell or buy or digital services. All IT tasks that require a service are available on Fiverr! This site is very well known in the English-speaking world to be one of the specialized sites to find freelance missions. Thus, all the small services offered on Fiverr, are grouped in more than 200 categories and are called “Gigs”. You will find among others gigs offers linked :

  • To digital marketing, advertising and help for companies,
  • To video animations, music and the world of audio.
  • Graphics, design and programming.
  • Writing and translation of articles.

But also other original categories such as: “Gifts”, “Lifestyle” or “Fun and weird”. Today, Fiverr is considered as the world number of microjobs sites for the self-employed.

Where to start?

1- Registration: First of all, by clicking on “Become a Seller” to register on the site in order to create your seller profile. Introduce yourself in a professional manner by describing your service either in a video, a publication (or both).

2- Find gigs to offer : To get inspired, don’t hesitate to take a look at the profiles of other sellers. And above all, personalize your profile by avoiding copying the gigs otherwise you will be banned from the site. On Fiverr, you can create up to 20 gigs (personalized product sheets).

3- Use the right Tags/Keywords: Choose precise but relevant tags and keywords to have the privilege to appear quickly in the search results of the site. Moreover, this step is crucial (if your goal is to potentially earn a lot of money).

Be aware that the registration and publication of gigs on Fiverr is free (No fees or subscription). However, the site charges you 20% of each order. In other words, if you earn 5$ for example, you will receive 4$ on your account and Fiverr will keep 1$. You have understood it well, payments on this site are in US dollars.

What are the rates for your services?

A basic service on Fiverr costs $5, so customers regularly buy additional “extra gigs” services. These extra gigs (speed of delivery, quality improvement, etc) allow you to earn more money on each offer. This way, you are in a better position to define your rates (from 5$ to 10.000$). For example: You can propose a single offer or give customers more choice with three versions of your service at three different prices.

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Earning money on Fiverr is a matter of scale!
The advantages of freelance work from home are countless (the disadvantages too). In this sense, Fiverr sets no limits for you! You have the possibility to accumulate orders and work as much as you want to earn a maximum of money. However, your rank on this site “can” influence your sales!

In order to distinguish the level of the salesmen, the site has 4 levels. The different levels are : Seller, Level One Seller, Level Two Seller, Top Rated Seller. Every new Fiverr member (Seller), can be promoted “Level 1 Seller” easily. Provided that you are active for 30 days and that you have validated 10 gigs (at least). That said, if you’re new to the site and you’re at level 1, start with $5 gigs instead. This strategy is effective in finding customers and keeping them. It will allow you to build a reputation and get your business known faster. And anyway, to make a lot of money on Fiverr, it all depends on you! Let me explain:

By the way, the more you climb the ladder, the more you will be able to charge a higher base price of gig. The more you evolve on Fiverr, the more your expertise is recognized on the site and the more you will have an important contact list. So, everything is linked to your performance (your ranking, your overall score, the number of your sales, the number of orders in progress, etc…).

How to get your money back?

Thanks to your earnings on this site, you will have the choice between buying the services of other Fiverr members or withdrawing your money. If you opt for withdrawal, the payment term is 14 days after delivery of the finished work. This period is reduced to 7 days for the best sellers.

By the way, when a customer needs your service, he pays directly for his order to Fiverr who keeps your earnings “on hold” during this 14 day period. Then, you can get your money back from your Fiverr account either by :

  • Wire Transfer: The minimum withdrawal amount is $20 and there is a $3 fee per transfer. You must also have a Payoneer account + its mastercard.
  • Paypal : The minimum withdrawal amount is 1$ and Fiverr does not charge any fees.

To withdraw your money from your Fiverr account :

From the “Sale” menu, click on Wins=> Available for withdrawal. Please note that there is a maximum of $5000 per transaction and that you can only withdraw once every 24 hours.


With the sponsorship system proposed by this site, everyone is a winner! First for your godchildren: If you refer a person on Fiverr, he receives a free service (Gig) worth 5$ as soon as he registers.

And for you as a sponsor: As soon as one of your godchildren has spent 10$, then you will earn 5$! So, even if you have no skills or knowledge to offer on this site, you will still be paid! Of course, you’ve got it all figured out! Just the sponsorship on Fiverr will allow you to receive money.

In addition, you have the right to invite as many friends and relatives as you want! On the other hand, there is no referral link on Fiverr but you can invite your godchildren by email. Don’t hesitate to share your gigs on social networks and in forums of your domain. This can bring you more potential customers while improving your visibility.

The advice of the Pro: To write your first offer, take the time to think about the different points (delivery time, remuneration, quality of service, etc…). And before publishing it, make sure you choose the category that suits your services. Indeed, on Fiverr, your communication strategy is a determining factor in the improvement of your results.

The 3 advantages of Fiverr

  1. Very reliable marketplace.
  2. Sponsorship program.
  3. Number of customers.

The 3 disadvantages of Fiverr

  1. English-speaking site.
  2. Strong competition.
  3. Time of payment.

My opinion

Certainly, Fiverr is a global marketplace with thousands of providers and competition is felt. However, this is not an obstacle that could prevent you from creating your small online business on this site. Whether you are a programmer, writer, analyst, graphic designer, web marketer, translator, developer or even a voice-over artist, you can start charging for your services and earn more revenue! And even if you don’t have a degree, you can make money with Fiverr! Because no matter what, you must have a skill to sell to make money with Fiverr.

So, this site is still a good opportunity with huge potential to make pocket money. Indeed, using this site can be an effective way to monetize your passion and perfect your practice. On the other hand, you should not believe that with Fiverr you will earn a lot of money in a minimum of time. Tell yourself that your results will be proportional to the time and effort you are willing to invest.

And if you are not comfortable with this site and its multi-language aspect, there are other alternatives (fortunately!). Like for example the new BeFreelancr platform or 5euros or Coder which are French marketplaces to sell micro-services. By the way, I suggest you read the articles dedicated to both sites on Superargent. This will allow you to compare the best sites of freelance missions and choose the one that suits you best. You’ll also find a lot of tips to help you get a regular income.

Otherwise tell me, do you know this site? Have you already tested it? If so, please share your own experience in the comments.

P.S: My article contains a sponsorship link to the Fiverr website. If you go through my link, it’s a way to thank me for introducing you to this great opportunity.