Fiverr: The Complete 2020 Guide for Buyers and Sellers + User Reviews

Fiverr: The Complete 2020 Guide for Buyers and Sellers + User Reviews

Nowadays, Fiverr is probably the largest online microservices market in the world (including united state, united kingdom, canada, india and other countries).

However, you may have heard mixed reviews from people who have used this platform.

It’s a bit paradoxical:

It may be the most popular platform for hiring freelancers, but Fiverr is not for everyone.

In order to get the most out of this platform, you should know one thing or another before you start, whether you want to buy or sell.

In this guide, we’ve gathered all our research and experience from Fiverr (which we’ve been using since 2012) to answer the most important questions :

🦄 EN WHAT DIFFERS FIVERR from other platforms?

🛒 EST IS IT A GOOD CHOICE FOR BUYERS and in which cases?

💵 EN AS FREELANCING, should you choose Fiverr?

😎 QUEL IS THE MAIN BENEFIT of the platform?

A hint on this last point – no, it’s not the price!

Towards the end of this guide, we will also offer you a 10% discount code valid on your first Fiverr order (in case you decide to test this platform).

… Ah, yes, one last thing before we start: “Fiverr” is spelled with two “r’s” (for no real reason other than a whim of its founders), but if you searched for fiverrr or fiver or fivver to get here – rest assured, we’re talking about the same site.

Well, let’s get started:

What is Fiverr? Key Differences from Other Platforms

As we implied earlier, Fiverr is no ordinary freelancer platform. Therefore, in order to use it effectively, we must first understand how the platform works and how it is different.

To get you started, here are a few facts that illustrate the scope and reach of the Fiverr platform:

Quite impressive! What’s even more interesting is that Fiverr was able to grow so much thanks to just three ideas. These may seem obvious in hindsight, but they were quite unique in 2010:

  • Service as product” – a new approach to standardize freelance services, including price, scope and working hours. Clients immediately appreciated the fact that Fiverr made their lives easier.

  • Standardization allowed for a shift to a model where work comes to freelancers, not the other way around. In other words, buyers can find what they need by exploring Fiverr’s extensive talent catalog using sophisticated filters.

  • In addition, there are virtually no limitations in the type of service that can be offered on the platform – from logo design to e-book writing to recording your text in Trump’s voice – as long as the service is legal and can be delivered online, you’ll find it on Fiverr.

All of these features have allowed Fiverr to offer unbeatable prices – in fact, the platform takes its name from the fact that all services offered cost only five dollars during the first years of its existence:

Of course, in reality, you can’t charge $5 for every service imaginable and expect to receive quality work – so, over the years, Fiverr has evolved:

  • The $5.00 requirement has been relaxed in order to offer more diversified and higher quality services. Freelancers can now charge more for more complex services, but efficiency and low prices are still a priority.

  • Going a step further, Fiverr Pro has been put in place to showcase the best freelancers, selected and manually checked by Fiverr staff (find out more – in the next section).

Alongside these changes, the basic principles of Fiverr, mentioned earlier, remain the same to this day: standardized services, encouraging discovery and a huge variety of choices.

You can already guess how this can affect buyers, can’t you?

How to BUY on Fiverr

The main concern of any new buyer on Fiverr is of course the possibility of not getting value for money.

Let’s take a look at the tactics in place to minimize this risk.

In particular, we’ll focus on the default Fiverr process (= buying a “service as a product”) described in the previous section. First comes the search for that service:

1.Use filters intelligently

If you are looking for a fairly ordinary service (like writing an article or designing a logo), you can simply start with the pre-set categories in the ribbon at the top of the home page (1a) ;

… If, however, the pre-set categories are too generic for you – in other words, you’re looking for something more specific/exotic/wacky – the search bar near the logo is a good place to start (1b).

In any case, what you will get by using either of these two options is a huge list of hundreds or thousands of available services, sorted by “relevance”:

Don’t you think the sorting criteria is a bit vague? 🤔 Let’s see if we can do better.

In order to clarify this pool of providers eager to help you, we will use the filters above the results grid to better define them :

  • The most important filter is “Service Criteria” (2a): it displays the specializations and extras available for your project type. For example, if we have typed “Article Writing”, the Service Criteria filter will contain options to set the theme, language and tone. The service criteria filter alone will typically reduce the results by a factor of ten.
  • The second most useful filter is “Provider Information” (2b), because it lets you choose the level of the seller. There are four levels in the freelancer hierarchy on Fiverr: Level 1 and 2, Top Provider, and All Others (inexperienced and inactive providers). Upgrading requires consistent quality and good advice, so these providers tend to sell their services more expensively. For optimal results,
  • we recommend that you focus on Levels 1 and 2 at the beginning – this should give you enough quality options.
    We recommend that you leave the “Budget” filter (2c) empty to avoid limiting your choices too early – unless, of course, you are looking for the cheapest options, in which case minimizing the risk of getting poor quality is not really compatible with your strategy .
  • The “Delivery time” filter (2d) can be useful if you need emergency service. Again, expect higher prices for service delivered within 24 hours rather than 3 days!

2.Don’t compare prices in search results

Even though Fiverr offers standardized services, it is impossible for everything to be completely identical – providers are free to define what is and is not included in their offers. To make things even more complicated, each offer can consist of 2 or 3 different packages :

For example, a freelancer offering to write a blog article may charge a certain price for a specific length of text (say 300 words), but may also include several extras in the same offer, e.g. a longer text, 500 words, for a higher price.

So what does the price displayed represent? The search results we discussed in the previous tip show you only one price. So where did it come from?

Yes, this is the price for the basic package (= the cheapest) of all these offers.

Two problems arise from this: first, the basic package may not be the right one for you; and second, each offer will have a different basic package!

Conclusion: Ignore the prices in the search results – instead, carefully analyze between 5 and 10 offers obtained after applying the filters (see tip #1).

…Now, are we ready to order?

Wait, there’s one more thing we recommend you do before opening your wallet :

3.Contact the provider in advance

Choose 2-3 offers that you think are promising and send a personalized message to each freelancer. Describe your project in a few words and ask one or two questions.

Observe how long it takes them to answer. Do their answers seem relevant? Do they show their skills?

By the way, even if you don’t have a real question at this stage, make something up – the freelancer’s answer to your questions will tell you a lot more than the ready-made answer you’ll probably get if you don’t ask anything specific.

Also, if you’re looking for value for money, we don’t recommend negotiating the rate unless it’s absolutely necessary:

  • First, because Fiverr is already as affordable as it can be for independent services. There is a lower limit to the amount freelancers are willing to earn per hour of work and, given the fierce competition, Fiverr is really close to that limit.
  • And secondly, most providers are already optimizing their workflow to offer competitive rates. Lobbying for a better price may encourage them to skimp on quality and spend as little time as possible on your project – which is understandable from their point of view.

The majority of Fiverr providers are neither lazy nor greedy – however, logic dictates that the more you try to get prices down, the more likely you are to get below average results .

…not to mention that such a strategy is unlikely to improve the provider’s attitude towards you and your project 🤷

Instead, put yourself in the freelancer’s shoes for a moment and respect his work. Fiverr is already making sure that offers are as competitive as possible.

In any case, once you’ve received responses to your introductory messages, it should be relatively easy to make a choice. Then you’ll just have to place the order, put the funds in escrow and wait for the result.

Speaking of results :

4.Do not hesitate to ask for a review

Most offers on Fiverr include the possibility of one or more revisions – but, even if not explicitly mentioned in the offer details or package description, any self-respecting provider will agree to make reasonable changes if you request them.

When requesting revisions, please be cordial and keep in mind that the problem could be due to a lack of clarity in your initial project description!

(If you ask to include something you forgot to mention in the initial description, don’t forget to add a bonus to cover the extra workload).

…and, yes, everyone knows it’s polite to say “thank you”, but just in case –

If the provider was extremely helpful or exceeded your expectations, show your appreciation by leaving a positive review or bonus.

This is especially important if you plan to work with the same freelancer again in the future – which we discuss in more detail below:

5.Be strategic and build good relationships.

“But I only plan to use Fiverr for this project! ” – could you object.

Let’s say you only need to buy an online service once in your life… Somewhat unrealistic? Because that’s probably the case!

Once you’ve gotten used to the simplicity and range of choices of Fiverr, chances are you’ll want to outsource other projects via the 🚀 platform.

So whether you have several projects underway or are looking to hire a single freelancer, it is beneficial to approach Fiverr strategically:

  • Start with a small project to test the above tips and find a freelancer that suits the task and your needs. When you feel comfortable with Fiverr, it will be time to test more serious or larger projects!
  • Save your favorite offers by clicking on the heart-shaped icon; if you have more than 5 or 6 favorites, it’s best to organize them into several lists in the “Saved” section of your account (top right menu, next to your profile picture).
  • Always leave reviews and ratings, and try to resolve any disputes directly with the provider before leaving a negative review.

By the way, did you know that freelancers can also leave ratings and reviews on their clients? This means that – just like in real life! – every interaction counts.

In other words, being polite, patient, and correct as a customer helps improve relationships with your current and future providers. And it will only improve the quality of the work you receive!

Well, what if you decided to publish a personalized and public offer as a client, instead of looking for freelancers yourself? Here are a few more strings to add to your bow :

  • Use a secret word in your job posting to eliminate sloppy and automatic cut-and-paste applications: this can be as simple as asking candidates to add a specific word (e.g. “absolutely” or “crazy”) somewhere in their answer.
  • Set a realistic price, but not too low. This s will ignore the providers that you are a serious customer and will attract the best of them. In any case, every freelancer can bid on your project, which guarantees that you will get a range of offers below and above your price.
  • Ignore automated emails of “best offers” for your project – these candidates always seem to be selected at random, based on how quickly they respond to your job offer. Trust your common sense rather than algorithms!

When you have received enough offers for your project, it is time to follow the tactics discussed above.

Thanks For Reading 🙂

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